Vehiculos con conductor S.L serving as a representative on behalf of direct transport providers.

These conditions here are willing to apply to all contracted services through our website. Read these terms and conditions carefully before making a reservation.

Vehiculos con conductor S.L CIF: B30517742, which meets current regulations in Spain. And all our suppliers have licenses for transportation and insurance costs, in all vehicles.

1. Introduction

1.1. Read these terms and conditions carefully before you make your reservation. When making a reservation with us, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions as may be edited and published on our website when it deems appropriate. Note also that you hire as a direct provider of services also may be subject to the terms and conditions set by the Reserve.

1.2. When applying for any service provided on our site, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions as applied to your request for service.

2. Our website

2.1. Our sites are places where you can find and hire a transport service from the airport to move relevant to leave his compound and vice versa.You will find in our website pages more details about our services.

2.2. Note our Website is directed only to users from18 years or older, and you must comply with this requirement to purchase the service using the payment method that is displayed on our website.

3. Request Service

3.1. To request a service, you must follow the application procedures set out in the Service Request page of our website. All requests must be made at least 48 hours before departure.

3.2. We have the right, representing the provider, to reject any request for service that you perform. We do not guarantee the allocation of a successful supplier to each reservation request. In case we can not accept your reservation request, we will send an email to notify the situation. Perhaps it could offer an alternative, which may include additional charges. If your service request is accepted, by acknowledge receipt of your reservation we will send you a coupon of reservation to the email address you provide us by your request. Subject to clauses 3.3 and 7, the Supplier will provide the requested service on the date stated in the coupon reserve.

3.3. You confirm that all data provided for the purpose of acquiring the Service Provider is correct, the owner of the credit card used for payment and have funds or credit facilities to cover the cost Service. We reserve the right to obtain validation of data from the credit card before providing the service. If we can not obtain such data validation and payment is not made, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation on behalf of the provider who then do not provide the service requested. We will notify you as soon as possible to the email address you indicated, if for any reason, your reservation must be canceled.

3.4. In order that the reservations are satisfactory, you will get a reservation coupon. A coupon will be given to the individual contracting person, which also includes transport of return that has been booked. The coupon contains the details of the trip and its own number. It is your responsibility to verify your booking details on the voucher before you travel and report any errors detected.The coupon must be presentedto the driver at the start of the trip.

4. Services

4.1 Vehiculos con conductor S.L offers on their Web sites, acting as a mediator in transportation services for transfers to individuals or groups.

4.2 When you hire, Vehiculos con conductor S.L they will arrange the procedures necessary to complete your intention to hire a shuttle service, this contract will have value when the direct provider of the service gives his allowness to do and notifies the customer from Vehiculos con conductor S.L

5. Prices and payment

5.1. At our website, you can see the prices of our service and detailed procedures for payment and delivery of services. The price for any Service is the price that is displayed on our website on the date and time in making the request for service. We may change the price of any service on our website before you make the request. We try to ensure that prices published on our website are accurate, but we must validate the asking price of the service as part of the acceptance procedure (see clause 3.2 above). We will inform you if the price of a service is higher than that speNIFied in its application, and you can cancel it and decide whether to hire the service or not. If you cancel the service request, we will refund what you have paid.

5.2. Prices are per vehicle budgeted. In most cases, the policy of our provider states that each passenger is entitled to a standard size suitcase or a travel bag and a hand-sized package similar to that allowed with the airlines. If when you travel with golf clubs, surfboards or any other strange items, remember to notify in advance when making your reservation. Otherwise we can not guarantee the transport of them.

5.3. Payable by credit card at the time of the request, as stated in the Request Service page of our website. On that page, it also indicates wich cards we accept the. The card issuers charge us management costs, and we will charge you if you pay by credit card.

5.4. Prices shown on the website are in Euros (EUR) based on the European Central Bank and having a problem the correct price will be shown in Euros.

6. Languages

6.1 From the websites Vehiculos con conductor S.L electronic contracts can be in multiple languages. The customer service by phone and email will strive to perform in the language employed, but only guarantees the attention in Spanish and English.

6.2.Vehiculos con conductor S.L supervise the quality of the translation of its general terms of employment on their Web sites, but in case of discrepancy the Spanish version will prevail.

7. Fulfilment

7.1. The Supplier shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the vehicle is asked to pick the point at the time indicated on the voucher reserve. However, the Provider shall not be liable for any loss or cost that you have to be faced in any reasonable or unavoidable delay, and it is your responsibility to make the resevation of your transfer with the correct pickup time. We and the Supplier are exempt from any liability for any losses you suffer (including, for example, a flight) due to its inability to provide sufficient time for the trip, if you have changed the time of collection in their accommodation.

7.2. If your outbound flight is delayed, the Service will be changed automatically and the taxi will pick you up at the new arrival time.

7.3. If your outbound flight is diverted for any reason, we, on behalf of the Provider, we consider the efforts that are reasonable for a taxi pickup at the airport of original destination to the new time of landing. SITUATIONS IN WHICH THE NOTICE OF DIVERSION OF A FLIGHT ARE MADE TOO LATE TO PREVENT THE TAXI DRIVER’S TRIP TO THE AIRPORT OR TO AVOID WAITING FOR YOUR FLIGHT , you may need BOOK ANOTHER TAXI AND PAY, LOCAL ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

8. Your responsibilities

8.1. If your flight is diverted, we recommend you call our Hotline 24 hours as soon as possible to book another taxi to the same provider or with an alternative supplier to a discounted price. Please note that under its terms and conditions, it is the responsibility of the airline to bring you to its original destination airport.

8.2. It is your responsibility to travel with the coupon reserve, which contains all the details of your reservation as well as the 24h emergency number.from our offices. We and the provider do not accept any liability or claims for compensation for any loss of service in the event that you do not travel with their coupon reservation.

9. If you have a complaint

9.1. If you detect a problem with the service provided, report it to the provider or contact us at the numbers listed in the coupon reserve. We will endeavor to investigate the matter with the supplier on his behalf and try to solve the problem immediately.

9.2. If At your turning back you have a problem with the Service in relation to the Services from Vehiculos con conductor S.L must you inform us by email at, we will act together with the provider and strive to solve all the problems that exist in connection with the Service within 30 days from the date of notification.

9.3. Note that the complaints have to be writing within 15 days after the bookingdate of return. (If the transport service is only one way, you must file the complaint within 15 days after this date).

10. Changes, modifications and cancellations

10.1 The destination or pick up address and accommodation is the one in reservation coupon. If you want to change these or other details, should be performed on the website on the My Book, “or in writing via email to central reservations Tele Taxi Guardamar least 48 hours before the date of travel.

10.2. If after a Vehiculos con conductor S.L and at least 30 days notice before implementation of any error in your application, you should contact the customer service. If the warning of the error occurs after that time, Vehiculos con conductor S.L reserves the right to finish the contract, the customer reintegrating the amount paid, less the cost of managing the service.

10.3 Any cancellation of the reserve should be managed directly on the website on the My Book “or communicated in writing via email to central reservations Tele Taxi Guardamar at least 30 days before the date of travel. Vehiculos con conductor S.L will refund the money subject to a deduction of € 10.00 .- per service, in terms of expenditure management.

10.4 Vehiculos con conductor S.L files the electronic document that is the contract, which is accessible to the customers.

10.5 The cancellation charges are:

– Cancellations received 7 days prior to their transfer costs € 10.00 … … management.

– Cancellations received between 7 days and 48 hours. before transfer 50% of its reserves.

– Cancellations received less than 48 hours. its transfer … … 100% of your reservation.

11. Wheelchairs

11.1. At the time of booking, please let us know if any of the passengers are using a wheelchair. Tell us whether the wheelchair is folded or need a vehicle adapted for the disabled in order to ensure adequate vehicle for their needs.

12. Additional seats for children

12.1. Directive 2003/20/EC of the EU states:

Children under 135 cm in height or less than 12 years (whichever applies first) must use the correct additional chairs. Then they also must wear seat belts for adults. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to verify that children are properly restrained in. However, there is a disclaimer for vehicles that can carry children even if they do not have the correct supplementary chair.
The vehicles are subject to the following rules:
Children under three years, when in a taxi or a vehicle authorized to travel loose in the back seat if there are additional seats available.
The children of three years or older must wear an adult seat belt if they are not available or additional chairs.

In short, the policy of the provider is:

– Services private transfer
– Children under 3 years may travel loose (on the knees of an adult) in the back seat of a vehicle if there is an extra seat available. In all cases the child occupies a place in which the vehicle must have at time of reservation.
– If customers choose to use or carry an extra chair, the child should be included in the total number of passengers traveling since occupy a seat in the vehicle.
– Children from 3 years or older as passengers are always occupy a seat and must wear an adult seat belt is not available if an additional seat.

NOTE: If parents choose to use a chair for additional cars, we recommend you bring itself to ensure safety standards. If requested at the time of booking, in some complex additional seats can be booked in advance.

13. Conduct

13.1. Provider reserves the right, within a reasonable discretion, to terminate the transport, if the conduct of the client or the group is upset or in any way affect your safety or the driver of the vehicle. Neither we nor the Supplier accept no liability for the additional cost incurred in you or your group as a result of such conduct.

13.2. No passengers are allowed to bring alcoholic beverages in vehicles to drink during the trip. Provider also reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

13.3. Passengers must pay for the costs to be addressing the provider for the damage they cause. If passengers do not take on such expenses at the duty before completing the trip, reservations Vehiculos con conductor S.L Amounts paid on behalf of the Provider.

14. Excess of luggage

14.1. Tell us at the time of booking if you travel with excess luggage, including: surfboards, bicycles, pet carriers and other large items. This will ensure that vehicles Providers are adequate. In the case of no notice at the time of booking, you will be responsible for any additional cost that involves the transport of such items.

15. Privacy

In order to facilitate a rapid and efficient development of the relationship between Vehiculos con conductor S.L and their clients, Vehiculos con conductor S.L guaranteed by this notice, the privacy of online services in accordance with legal requirements and information about its policy protection of personal data for customers to freely and voluntarily whether they wish to provide Vehiculos con conductor S.L their personal data via the electronic form to carry out the delivery of our service.

Customers consent to the processing of such personal data by Vehiculos con conductor S.L under the terms of this Policy for the Protection of Personal Data.

15.1. Confidentiality in the automatic processing of personal data of users.

Vehiculos con conductor S.L guarantees the confidentiality of personal information provided by users and automated processing according to the legislation on protection of personal data (Law 15/99 of 13 December, Data Protection Personal) and Royal Decree 1720/2007 approving the Regulation implementing the Law cited above.

Vehiculos con conductor S.L has adopted the security levels of data protection required by law, and has installed all the technical means and measures at its disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of personal data provided.

Personal data collected will be processed automatically and inserted in the appropriate file for Vehiculos con conductor S.L provide customers with adequate technical resources that, prior to the delivery of personal data, can access this Notice of the Privacy Policy on Personal Data or any other relevant information, and give their consent so that Vehiculos con conductor S.L proceed to automatic processing of personal data of customers. In order to achieve optimal service delivery, Vehiculos con conductor S.L must carry out the transfer of customers’ personal data to third parties, such as taxi drivers.

15.2. Purpose of the collection and processing of personal data.

The collection and processing of personal data, following the intention of the client that you Vehiculos con conductor S.L provides services, mediation seeks to hire passenger vehicles. The client authorizes Vehiculos con conductor S.L to use your data for advertising purposes, advertising and may receive newsletters Vehiculos con conductor S.L, if the client wishes to stop receiving such advertising, Vehiculos con conductor S.L, shall provide the necessary means to the client in a simple and quick to decline to receive this information.

In no event Vehiculos con conductor S.L use the personal data of users for purposes other than those mentioned above.

15.3. Users’ rights regarding their personal data.

Customers have recognized and may exercise their rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition to treatment, use and transfer of your data in a communication addressed to Vehiculos con conductor S.L the email address.

The client accepts the terms of this Privacy Policy is giving consent to the transfer of personal data to third parties in order to obtain optimal service provision.

16. Availability of services

16.1. We are not responsible for any costs, losses or damages arising from the purchase or attempt to acquire a service, or costs, losses or damages related to the acquisition of a given service.

16.2. We have done its utmost to ensure that our website complies with the laws of Spain.

17. Disclaimer

17.1. If the service provided by the Supplier is not requested or that it has not carried out with due diligence because of a failure of our employees, agents or suppliers, we will refund the price paid on behalf of the Vendor and, if the Service is not in any way, we will refund the price paid. This is subject to the terms as described in 17.2, 17.3,

17.4, 17.5, 17.6 and 17.7 to be seen below.

17.2. Accept any responsibility for death, injury or illness by negligent actions or omissions of our employees or agents, our suppliers and subcontractors while acting within the scope of their employment in the provision of the Service. However, you will not fall on us any liability for injury, illness, death or loss from which you or another member of their group to suffer if such injury, illness or death was not caused by lack of due diligence us or by our suppliers at the time to fulfill our obligations under this contract. Accordingly, such damages will compensate according to the circumstances described in Spanish law.

17.3. We are exempt from any liability for any claims arising as a result of the following or all of them:

i) failure (s) of person (s) concerned or any member of your group;

ii) failure of a third party not connected with the Service that we can not have anticipated or avoided;

iii) failure of any person who does not work for us (in general or in particular) at the time;

iv) an event or circumstance that we or the service providers in question could not have anticipated or avoided. This may include, but are not limited to, an act of force majeure as described in these conditions to make the reservation.

17.4. Services are provided on behalf of the Provider only for private use and local levels. The contract between you and the Supplier is a consumer contract. Consequently, neither we nor the Supplier accept no liability for business losses (including, but not limited to, any loss of contracts, loss of profits, loss of revenue or savings in expenses, or any data loss or corruption of these ) whatever reason, even being able to anticipate. These exclusions do not apply to any liability which can be death or physical injury caused by our negligence and for which our liability is unlimited.

17.5. In the case of having to respond to you for any reason, our liability will be limited to direct costs that you have faced and are a predictable consequence of our failure. This limit does not apply to any liability which can be death or physical injury caused by our negligence and for which our liability is unlimited.

17.6. We promise that all the services you buy through our website will be provided with due diligence and that, as far as reasonably practicable, be provided in accordance with our agreement. We will do our utmost to ensure that any information and content published on our website are accurate, but unfortunately, there may be errors, and we reserve the right to correct before confirming your reservation.

17.7. Nothing in these terms and conditions affect your legal rights as a consumer.

18. Force majeure

18.1. “Force majeure” means you do not pay any compensation (on behalf of the Provider) whether we should cancel or change the service due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control. Such circumstances include, for example, accidents and related delays, unplanned protest marches, organized demonstrations and riots, police operations, unforeseen dangers on the road, terrorist activity and its consequences, or the threat of such activity; revolt, the act of any government or other national or local authority, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, fire and weather conditions.

19. General

19.1. If you want to find any modification of these terms and conditions, you must make sure we agree with such changes in writing as soon as possible.

19.2. We may transfer or outsource some of our rights and obligations, or all, under these terms and conditions at any time.

19.3. We may change these terms and conditions and when we deem it appropriate to publish the new version on our website once this is done, any use of our website will be governed by that version. Must review the terms and conditions posted on the website regularly. The terms governing the purchase of any Service will be the current terms at the time it made its request for service.

19.4. Anyone who is not part of this agreement has no rights under the Law of Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enable it to implement the terms of this agreement, but this does not affect the rights or remedies available elsewhere or they are available regardless of the Act.

19.5. If any term or provision of these terms and conditions become or declared illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such term or provision will be removed and the remaining terms will remain valid.

19.6. These terms and conditions and your use of our site are governed by the laws of Spain, and in case of any dispute under the contract, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts Spaniards.

19.7. If either party does not exercise any right or remedy under this, this would not constitute a waiver of those rights or remedies.

20. Notifications

20.1. All notices of the Services to book through any of our websites should be sent by email to Also, notifications should we send will be sent to your email address or mailing address you provided during the application process Service.

20.2. The notification is given when you receive an email (or the next working day if there is a weekend or a holiday at the reception) or 24 hours after the date of shipment.

21. Replacement

21.1. These terms and conditions, together with the privacy policy, any service request form and instructions on methods of payment, if any, replace all previous terms and conditions applicable to the use of our site or the sale of Service Provider representation. Click the OK button to confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions.